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Laudato Si': A Framework for Climate Justice

The PowerPoint for this webinar can be found here.

    In this webinar, Dr. Sylvia Hood Washington, noted environmental scientist and member of the Illinois Environmental Justice Commission, speak about how climate change is an issue of justice and protection of life. Dr. Hood Washington is joined by Katelyn Roedner Sutter, and Edgar Garibay from the Environmental Justice Program at Catholic Charities, Diocese of Stockton. They will talk about the impacts of poor air quality  and climate change in the fields and towns along the vast San Joaquin Valley of central California

    This webinar will help us understand:
    • How climate change impacts disproportionally people of color.
    • How Laudato Si' is a helpful framework to understand and act on issues of climate justice.
    • The impacts of climate change on people of color, especially African American and farmworker communities.
    • How we, as people of faith, can respond to the challenge of environmental racism.