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Pledge to pray, act, and
advocate to solve climate change.

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About the St. Francis Pledge

Taking the St. Francis Pledge commits you or your organization to respond to the moral call for action on climate change. By pledging, you commit to praying, acting, and advocating to solve climate change. How you fulfill those commitments is up to you. A printable explanation of the St. Francis Pledge is available here.

A few ideas for how to fulfill the Pledge commitments


Set a time to pray for climate action
Pray as a family or as a church group
Keep a prayer journal
Publish prayers via a blog or newsletter


Investigate solar and renewable options
Learn how climate affects the vulnerable
Calculate your carbon footprint
Take steps to reduce your footprint


Connect with policy makers
Connect with your municipal council
Explore sustainable policies at work
Hear your pastor's position on ecology

Our Creation Care teams help you implement the Pledge on an ongoing basis.
Participating in a team is free of charge.

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Taking the St. Francis Pledge helps you care for our planet and our vulnerable sisters and brothers.

Action alerts to make a difference

Carbon-reduction strategies to live justly on the Earth

Updates on Catholics leading the charge to solve climate change

St. Francis Pledges

Over 10,000 individuals and families and 75 institutions have taken the St. Francis Pledge. They commit to living out their Catholic values through deep reflection, concrete action, and advocacy. Those who take the pledge show resolve and constancy in living the way of St. Francis and seeking a right place in creation, day after day.

Institutional Pledges

Our guides help your parish or school understand your role in creation
and how to plan for and implement the Pledge.