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The more things change, the more they remain the same

In talking to friends and co-workers over the past week I have heard many different responses from all sides of the political spectrum, from euphoria to despondency. It's been a few weeks now and I have reflected on these comments and my own feelings and would like to add my voice to others who have commented on the aftermath of this past election.

This election is not the end of the world as we know it, nor is it a mandate for change. In fact if we had a popular election instead of an electoral college, the result would have been quite different.  It is, however, a change in direction. How much a change in direction really depends on us as well as our elected leaders. No matter what the outcome we would have had to be vigilant to ensure that the values we cherish are well represented by our government - to ensure that human dignity and truth are respected. But this is nothing new. Throughout civilization, it has been up to the people to ensure that their values have been represented by their government. Today, in the US, we have the best chance of pursuing this goal of any nation at any time. We enjoy freedom of the press and association and the other rights codified in the Constitution. We have the right to contact members of Congress, in the Administration, and at the state and local government to make our feelings known. And it is essential, as much now as it has ever been, that we exercise that right. I encourage you to become more politically aware and active. 

For those of us who value the Care of Creation the coming years will be especially challenging. Become active in your parish to promote sustainable practices and incorporate Care of Creation and the values iterated in “Laudato Si’” in your parish liturgy. Join the Diocese Catholic Green Initiative. Look at the Catholic Climate Covenant website and become more aware of the Church’s position on the ecological crisis.  Follow Pope Francis’ advice to have an open dialogue with all people of good will. 


Anthony Strawa, Ph.D. is a Catholic Climate Ambassador in San Jose, California

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