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We're proud of the Church’s legacy on climate change.

Catholic Climate Covenant educates and equips Catholics to take action on climate change. Here's what we've accomplished in 2017:

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  • 125+

    Catholic leaders who signed a letter to President Trump supporting the Clean Power Plan

  • 15k

    Catholics who signed a public letter urging support of the CPP

  • 170+

    Catholic leaders of Catholic organizations who signed a letter to the Administration and Congress urging support for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and to rejoin the Paris agreement

  • 80+

    Media mentions in Catholic and secular media sources

  • 8

    Online action alerts on topics including the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris agreement, the repeal of the Clean Power Plan, and federal funding for climate science.

  • 14

    Letters to the Editor published, uplifting the Catholic voice on climate change in nine states

  • 4

    Op-eds published

  • 2

    Catholic delegations that met with federal representatives about the federal budget and the House Climate Solutions Caucus

  • 47

    Participants in Lobby Training Day who learned how to advocate for climate change solutions from a Catholic perspective and visited individual legislators, accompanied by Covenant staff and volunteers

  • 1

    Testimony delivered at the EPA hearing on the repeal of the Clean Power Plan in Charleston, WV


Educational Programs

  • 2,186

    Local champions equipped to lead Feast of St. Francis events

  • 1,264

    Local champions equipped to lead Earth Day events

  • 1,129

    Local champions equipped to lead Season of Creation Prayer Service Series

Creation Care Teams

  • 95

    New Creation Care Team Members

  • 296

    Total Creation Care Teams

  • 625

    Total Creation Care Team Members


  • 11

    Webinars on climate-related topics including food and natural disasters

Pastoral Education

  • 200

    Pastoral Training Program participants in Dioceses of Toledo and Sacramento

  • 52

    New homily helps posted on our website

Saint Francis/Laudato Si’ Pledge

  • 10k+

    Total individual and organizational signatures since institution of pledge in 2009

Catholic Energies

  • 4

    Successful projects completed in Cincinnati as part of our pilot

  • $500k+

    Total Project Cost

  • $150k+

    Annual savings from projects for participating organizations

  • 6

    Projects underway after national rollout in October 2017

  • 5

    States in which projects are taking place

  • 40

    Catholic organizations interested in being evaluated for the program

Here are some of our overall accomplishments so far: 

  • 3k+

    Our work was featured in over 3,000 media stories.

  • 293

    We helped 293 Creation Care Teams lead the charge in their communities.

  • 7

    We organized 7 national press conferences.

  • 2,176

    We equipped 2,176 local champions to lead Feast of St. Francis events.

  • 10k+

    We helped supporters send over 10,000 letters in support of climate action.

  • We convened one of the first conferences on Laudato Si’.

  • We work with our partners to share the Church’s message on climate change.

All our work is made possible by the incredible members of our network.

  • Catholic Climate Declaration

    Individuals and Catholic institutions are welcome to sign!

  • Feast of St. Francis

    Register now to receive our free Feast of St. Francis 2018 educational program, Who is My Neighbor in a Climate-Threatened World?

    Feast of St. Francis

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CCC Annual Report 2015